Friends plaque 001My name is Ann, Alice Ann, in fact. I love to paint, but when I am painting, I want to quilt something. When I am quilting something, I want to paint. When nothing is going well, I want to read.

I have 6 grandkids, aged 25 to 5. Two of them live in Kansas, but the others live close by here in Ohio. I live in a very small house at Indian Lake, Ohio. Since I have a full view of the lake, I cannot imagine living anywhere else. I love the view in all seasons, when the lake is calm, or angry, or bluer than blue, covered with ice and snow. It doesn’t matter.



4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, so good to see you here; now when you’re quilting and want to be painting or vice versa, you will be thinking of all sorts of things to blog about too… there simply isn’t ever enough time to do it all, in my opinion!

  2. I’ve checked out your other posts and finally got to “hello”. How exciting to finally be posting your thoughts. I’ll definitely return for more!

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